Brianna Leigh Makes A Wedding Shoe For The Guests And Bride

brianna leigh wedding shoes in large sizes

Brianna Leigh Extreme Ivory $189.95

If you are considering your own wedding or simply attending as a guest and you have large size feet, then you need to consider these brianna leigh wedding shoes in large sizes. I am not really keen on white satin shoes or less the design is breathtaking or you simply have limited choice in term of style due to the size of your feet. Let's be honest, everyone attending a wedding has already seen a zillion pairs of white satin bridal pumps, and these shoes have a lot more personality than the average white satin shoes.

In general I usually not that interested in platform heels, but even these bridal shoes comes in triple platform heels and still manage to look appealing rather off putting. The shoe is made of silk and is generously decorated with lavish jewels. It could also work as your changing shoes to go along with second outfit if you choose. Even if you have not been invited to any wedding as of yet, you can still buy them and add them your party shoe collections.  It is an all rounder type of footwear.

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