Buying Shoes On The Internet – Regular Sizes

I don’t know about, but sometimes I do wonder what would have happen to women like us who loves to do shoe shopping all the time if there was no Internet. Just like going from shop to shop to find the perfect shoes, online shoe shopping can be fun, on the other hand can also be tedious and nerve wracking too. This is down to the disappointment of the shoes arriving and it doesn’t look anything you saw on the web or the shoe is of poor fit. In addition many companies requires that pay for postage both ways which all adds to the costs.

As well as knowing your size which is most important thing of all, you also need to be aware of these points too:

online shoe shopping

Read the Reviews: This will give you an insight about the shoes from other users as to whether they are true fit or not.

Shop at Stores that offers free shipping or special collection service: Shops like K and Co not only offer free shipping and free returns, you also get to choose from these type of deliveries: next day, evening, Saturdays or timed.

With this in mind can now make shopping for shoes online more enjoyable, by taking a closer look at the shoe selections at .

2 Responses to Buying Shoes On The Internet – Regular Sizes

  1. Rozzy June 3, 2011 at 1:37 pm #

    Buying shoes in the internet is critical for us girls, just like you mentioned finding the right size for us. You have a great point in looking for a good place to shop in the internet, reviews are very, very important. Thanks for this helpful blog post.

  2. Amanda Doster June 29, 2011 at 1:34 pm #

    Hi Rozzy and all other larger footed ladies out there.
    Yes The high street is still pretty poor for finding shoes in a size 9 and above – I went into my home town to test the water yesterday – NOTHING.
    The curious thing is if you ask assistants they say they get asked for large sizes more and more.
    Anyway in response I decided to get together a range of shoes 8-11 to offer over the internet. Google lovely large shoes!!
    You may be pleasantly surprised.

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