Cold Feet by Jeffrey Campbell

Available from June 2013 from Barefoot Tess.

Cold Feet by Jeffrey Campbell is of the new designs that will soon be on sale at Barefoot Tess.

Daisy Lita Silver Right  comes in US Size 11 to 14. Typically, I would have said that these funky looking ankle boots is obviously suited for edgy dressing – which it is.

But have you thought about wearing this as your bridal shoes? I think it is ideal for the independent bride that is not really keen on the traditional wedding shoes but would prefer edgy shoes with no fuss.

These days some people are getting married in usual places such as backyards, urban gardens, on beaches and mountain sides and in the pub and may be such an unusual wedding shoe collection  is what  women with such mind actually needs.

So I guess the next question I would ask you is  – would you choose to wear these shoes as a bridal shoes?