Flowery Print Canvas Wedge Sandals by Edith and Ella

Buy Them Here £95.19 Flowery Print Canvas Wedge Sandals by Edith and Ella

The summer season is always the time of wearing whites trousers or shorts and shoes in terms of design can go a little bit crazy if not funkier as it offers more opportunity to all the bright colours that one can think of. So as usually I was browsing the Internet when I came across these floral canvas wedge sandals. They look like the perfect  kind of shoe that one could use to kick of their new summer shoe wardrobe.

These are beautiful floral print shoes that would go so well with low key style or casual attire. And for those that are afraid of going anything floral I feel would like this because the floral prints are not really in your face but more on the subtle side.

If you happen to be a fan of the shoe you can purchase them for £95.19.