Funky 18 Hole Laced Short Boots in Black

When I saw ‘Tasha’ today, I wasn’t sure whether to say the lacing is in the boot or that the boot is in the lacing! Any way, it simply doesn’t matter because I just love these boots. All I need right now is to be given a role in the ‘THE DOWNTON’ to play Lady Grantham where I will be rocking this real head turner. On the plus side, I love the round toe box, the back zip for easy in and out access. On the negative, I would have preferred the heel to be block rather than pointed.

But I know that some of my fellow large feet ladies out there love their pointed heel, so if you happen to be one of them then click the link to purchase this inspired Victorian ankle lace up boots in large sizes before it finishes. On sale at Cinderella Shoes for £83.19 in sizes 8 to 11.

tasha lace up boots