Hand Crafted African Beads Thong Sandals 'Disc' by Aspiga

Hand Crafted African Beads Thong Sandals 'Disc' by Aspiga

Hand Crafted African Bead Thong Sandals 'Disc' by Aspiga comes in six colours pink, orange, lime, white, turquoise and  silver.

I can never fully understand why some people would feel comfortable leaving their homes wearing flip flops. I can comprehend the idea  if they have to wear it to take out the garbage or answer the door but not to travel all over the town dressed as if they are meant to be sitting comfortably in their backyard.

The bead work seen on these sandals are mainly done by ladies and many hours go into making one pair of sandals or a belt, while the men are tending livestock.

These leather thong sandals embellished with beads are the creation of a UK based company called Aspiga. The footwear are designed in the UK, but hand-made in Africa and India.  I know  that paying $84 (£52.94) seems a lot but buying a pair of these leather thong sandals goes beyond lining the pockets of the Aspiga Management. Each time someone purchases each of the thong sandals, a percentage of our profits is donated to The Brydges centre, a children’s orphanage just outside Nairobi, who struggle financially on a daily basis, to carry out their hugely valuable and necessary work.

So you are just buying   fabulous accessories for the summer , but is also helping to fight poverty through trade.