Here Comes The Sun: Large Size Neon Wedge Sandals

Large Size Neon Wedge Sandals

Large Size Neon Wedge Sandals 69 euro

There isn't that much time left before sunshine goes on a break whilst the autumn season, so I thought I cheer you up on what lefts of the summer holiday by showing these beautiful large size  neon wedge sandals. I love these wedge sandals because of the neon coloured straps because it gives nods to the neon coloured trends without going over board.

These sandals are currently on sale and are available in limited sizes. Not only are large size neon wedge sandals super cute, they will look beautiful worn with your swirly sun dresses and cropped trousers. You can be daring by mix and match with other bright colours for a really eye-catching effect.

Whatever other summer attire you've got packed in your suitcase, they'll add a cheeky treat at this time of year.