Gwen Frempong Boadu - Gwyneth Shoes Founder

Interview with Gwyneth Shoes Founder – Gwen Frempong Boadu

Gwen Frempong Boadu - Gwyneth Shoes Founder

Gwyneth is a line of stylish, sophisticated, comfortable shoes for real women designed by one. Gwen Frempong Boadu has designed for the likes of Sam Edelman (Sam&Libby) , Kenneth Cole Reaction and Steven by Steve Madden. Now she brings 20 years of experience and her incredible sense of style to us through Gwyneth Shoes.


1.  Can you give a brief background about yourself?

Before Gwyneth was a vision, my career started as a design assistant for Sam& Libby footwear.  I moved on to work for other power house shoe companies like companies like Kenneth Cole and Steve Madden , aquiring more that 15 years of experience before Gwyneth was conceived.

Gwyneth was created in February 2007!

2. What was your reason behind setting up a shoe label called – ‘Gwyneth Shoes’?

I needed more flexibility in my schedule for one. I was easily traveling 6-8 months out of the year which left no time for a social life or  much more important , time to start a family.

Also, having hard to fit women in my family made me much more aware that there were lots of women with the same issues. Not having enough options when it came to finding pretty or fashionable shoes in sizes 10 or greater.

3. When creating collection for each season, where do you draw inspiration from?

But I'm also very inspired by sources such as nature and art. Im also inspired from the diverse cultures and personal style of women around the world.

4. You don’t seem to have collections every season, is there any reason why?
Gwyneth  normally produces collections twice a year. For the first time this spring, we did not produce a new collection. We are currently working on SP 14 with the hopes that the economy is on it's way back.

5. What makes Gwyneth Shoes different from other shoe labels out there?
Gwyneth is a unique brand compared to most because we are one of the first and still very few brands that offer a combination of comfortable, sexy and feminine footwear at reasonable prices that go up to a size 14! Our styles are timeless and also well made. Our customers can now have a shoe collection in their closets like the average size 8.

6. If you could describe Gwyneth Shoes in three words, what would they be?
3 words that I use to describe Gwyneth is  STYLISH , SOPHISTICATED and COMFORTABLE.

7. What has been the challenges faced so far, especially in large size shoe market?
Our biggest challenge is finding ways to let more people know who we are. Though we get lots of magazine coverage, I find that people arent spending money to purchase magazines as they did in the past. PR is a tough job!

8. Apart from your own collection, which other shoe brand do you wear?
Some of my favorite brands to wear is : ZANOTI, GUCCI  and ALEXANDRE BIRMAN.

9. Any sneak preview for the forthcoming collections?
While we don't have perfect photos of the new collection to photograph just yet , I can assure that our new collection will include our signature feminine looks mixed with some new artisan type casual in the newest colours and materials….

10. Your favourite food?
I've been lucky enough to travel the world for my job. One of my favorite places to shop and eat is in Japan. It's by far 1 of my was favourite cuisines.

11. I love…………………………….
One thing I trully love is wearing sexy high heels. They always make me feel sexy , glamorous and put together even if I have on jeans……

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