Large Size Black Leather Wedge Pump

Large Size Black Leather Wedge Pump

Large Size Black Leather Wedge Pump 145 euro

Some people including myself do have a love and hate relationship with the month of September.  This is simply because it is the month that we finally realised that summer is more or less over and it is time that we all embrace the fall and winter months ahead. The month of September also comes as a mix bag because it is a time of transition but at the time you can’t really dress up in full for the winter season. One thing for certain is it time to ditch the shorts for jeans and the sandals for an appropriate fall shoes. And talking of fall large size shoes, I would like to introduce these large size black leather wedge pump. 

What makes them perfect for the cold season is that with the ridged soles it would make them easy to navigate the  wet and slippery pavement. But you’ve got to hurry and it is only available in limited sizes. Such style of shoe with a reasonable size platform heel would be the middle ground for those that can’t stand either ballet flats or knee high boots.

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