Large Size Chocolat Blu 'Cam' Flat In Forest Green

Large Size Chocolat Blu 'Cam' FlatLarge Size Chocolat Blu 'Cam' Flat

Chocolat Blu 'Cam' Flat (Black)
| Chocolat Blu 'Cam' Flat (Red) | Chocolat Blu 'Cam' Flat (Forest) | Chocolat Blu 'Cam' Flat (Brown)

$129 each at Barefoot Tess.

Full coverage ballet flat might not be considered appropriate for the summer months as we try to get as much fresh air as possible. Whilst other would frown upon full coverage flats as looking too old fashion and consider them as something a granny would normally wear. But when the autumn and winter is at full swing I would consider them as a winter fashion essentials.

I love the large size chocolat blu 'Cam' flat mainly because of the elasticized heel as it would guarantee a more secure fit if you always struggle to make sure that your flats remains on your feet. I also love the delicate leather folds seem at the vamp. They are perfect for everyday wear when paired with skirts or slim fit jeans. Apart from forest green, other colours for the large size chocolat blu 'Cam' flat includes black, brown and red.