Large Size Lace Up Boots By Mustang


large size lace up bootsLarge Size Lace Up Boots By Mustang £70.  Available in blue and brown up to UK Size 10.5

 These large size lace up boots by Mustang is the perfect footwear when you talk of everyday large size boots suitable for those with a realistic expectation of British weather. With reference to British weather, I’m taking about the wet, freezing cold and snowy type of condition all combined in one. These ankle boots will be able to withstand all the conditions that winter could throw at you. It looks rugged and at the same time still maintains a fashion flair which is really essential for the fashion conscious person out there.

Those that will appreciate these boots are those that like a rough line over smooth line with its tie back shoe lace, decorative studs and side zip. And if you are having one of those days when you want something friendly on the feet, then you got to have these because the cone heel measuring at  2.5″ cannot be the compete with when all you want is a little lift and nothing more. Why not check out the rest of the winter footwear collections over at Zalando.