Lotus Shoe Boots Nemoli In Patent

lotus shoe boots

Lotus Shoe Boots £45

You got to be kidding yourself if by chance you have taken mental note of Autumn fashion currently cascading the sales floor or on your favourite retailer Online.  And just because its the fall season doesn’t means that you have to cover up with anything you can lay your hands on. If your Autumn shoe craves falls within the line of comfortable and stylish footwear suitable for work or for everyday wear, you can have these desires met with Lotus Nemoli Patent Shoe Boots. Apart from the microfibre which helps to give the suede effect, you also get a side button effect which gives the shoe boots a military look.

As you get ready to cover your feet when the cold season sets in, let it be with Lotus shoe boots with moderate heel. They are perfect for everyday wear or simply as a sensible shoes suitable for work.