Minimalist Large Size Sandals in Fuchsia Patent Leather

Large Size Sandals in Fuchsia

Large Size Sandals in Fuchsia 45 euro

Something fun and flirty perfect for the holidays! These perfect summer flatties are a mix of simple and no fuss design with a bow at the front. They still manage to look eye catching  and will help create a beautiful finish to your holiday look.

With their minimalist look and the unrivalled pop of neon colour makes these large size sandals in fuchsia  looks like sweet for the feet when worn. Absolutely guaranteed stares at the feet from passers by.

You will enjoy these sandals because they are only 45 euro. You are so optimistic about the summer weather in the UK and have not given in into thinking about shopping trends for the autumn and all you can think of is laying somewhere in the park and dreaming of  listening to some of our favourite bands and sipping on ice cold lemonade. That's how your typical day should be, right?