Retro Looking Trainers in Marine, Orange and White by Converse

(Buy Them Here) for £48.70 at Spartoo

There’s nothing a like a good workout sport shoes in bright colours just like the one featured above. Whenever I hear the word Converse I usually think of  casual sneakers that you would normally wear with your casual clothing.  But the Auckland Racer Re-Mix OX collection does put me in the mood for a good work or at the least put them on and pretend that I am on my way to the gym for some dancing lessons.

The colours are definitely eye popping and would surely be welcome to complement any of your workout gears. Especially if you have been keeping up with your new year resolutions of exercising regularly up until now, I feel that a treat is rightly required. And this could take the form of buying yourself a pair of trainers. So what do you think?