Silver Star Embellished Platform Heels

Silver Star Embellished Platform Heels 190 Euro

If you are forever looking for a  really special pair of shoes to wear to special events, and all the current available choices are falling short of your requirement then perhaps you can check out these star embellished shoes with platform heels. I don't know why but it so how reminds me of Las Vegas. The only thing that I don't seem to like about the shoes is that platform heels, I feel it way too much excessive, if they could offer similar style with one third of the platform heels,  I would be OK with that.

So perhaps you are asking, what do you get for your money? You get a large size platform heels with heel height measuring 15 cm with 5 cm platform heel. That's a giant platform with towering heel height of which I know would be a deal breaker for some of you. You also have  three colours to choose from – black, blue and red all in suede leather. The black one is the most versatile in that it would go with everything in your wardrobe. But I seem to prefer the red version though the cobalt blue is  equally stunning too.