Suede Leather Wedge Bootie with Suede Tie – Big Shoes for Women

Even if for some strange reasons you are unable to wear boots or you simply can’t do boots hopefully you like this suede leather wedge booties by Jessica Bennett. What I love about the booties is how the shoe sits on your ankle as it would help to elongate your legs. I also love the opening at the front as it makes them different too. Rather than use laces, the designer has opted for a dainty little bow that sits just below the neck of the shoe.

In terms of what to wear them with, I personally would go for tunic dress, sweater dress, jeans or even skirts. Retail price is $144.95 and one more thing just don’t forget to spray them a few times with a water protector or that would be money down the drain.















Other include brown leather and cheetah print.