Unisex Desert Boots In Large Sizes

Unisex Desert Boots In Large Sizes



Unisex Desert Boots In Large Sizes £29.99

Every now and again, I post a pair shoes that some of you might consider to be very hard to sell. One of those shoes that belong in that category is the Cotswold Snowhill Unisex Desert Boots. Majority of the people that visits shoe blogs want to read about beautiful shoes in heels or an exquisite pair of flats.  What about if you are on your feet all day or you are simply going down the road to buy a loaf of bread or a tray of egg to bake cake? Surely you want something comfortable. Or other days  when you need to be casual and walk a lot, you definitely need this unisex desert boots in large sizes.

Made of pure suede leather  is the ultimate design of desert shoe made to provide comfort to anyone wearing it.  Available colours includes grey, black and beige  and the lining of the shoe is made with super soft textile  to help create the perfect piece for wearing everyday. Other features of these desert boots includes stitch detailing,  rear finger loop,  extra pack of white laces in contrast colour to make the piece look even more attractive. 

You will love these boots if  you  don’t care how fashionable stiletto heels are, you are on your feet all day, you do lots of  walking on a daily basis  and  sandals are not always the best option for you. Visit Desert Boots for other selections.

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