Wings 2.0 Dollar Print Trainers By Jeremy Scott

Dollar Print Trainers By Jeremy Scott


Dollar Print Trainers By Jeremy Scott £180. Available in UK Sizes 4 -11

Have fun in what you wear with these funky Wings Money Print Adidas Sneakers.  Dollar Print Trainers By Jeremy Scott is available in green and beige colours, this one of a kind trainers to be admired. Its silhouette is covered with the template of the dollar bill. At the back the trainers, the signature wings which extend to the back  is given an angelic look makes for a  statement appearance. 

As a designer, Jeremy Scott is known for his outrageous, bold designs, and he  has introduced his unique creativity in these sneakers. Wings 2.0 from Adidas features avant grande and attention grabbing details. The design, colour and signature totem wings of the shoes adds both fun and mischievous element. The off-white midsole, the matching lace set and the wing tipped creatures give them a spectacular look. For those who love to wear funky sport wear would appreciate these sports/streetwear.

Forget subtlety and look different and stand out in crowd with these giant winged adidas shoes designed by Jeremy Scott.  Check out other designs by the same designer at Hervia.