Stuart Weitzman Fandangos with Blocked Heels


$365 at  Zappos

I’m going to take a wild guess on what you are thinking of right now and that is the sandals featured above doesn’t look like anything that someone like Stuart Weitzman would design. Stuart Weitzman is known for dressing the feet of female celebrities and they have a strong attachment with high heels shoes. However on this occasion, he has gone for block high heels which wouldn’t appeal to those with strong preference over slim looking heels.

My personal rule of thumb where shoes are concerned is to vary your shoe collections with mixture of high heels, flats and medium heels. Having said that I have come across certain designs in block heels and they didn’t look good on my feet, but I feel these ones would. I think this kind of height and look is perfect for wearing with certain particular style such as wrap dress, maxi dresses and shorts. I would say a big ‘NO NO’ to outfit such as leggings or jeans as I don’t think that they would look so flattering.

With metal plate on back, you can’t accuse the sandals of being too frumpy. Like I said before the design wouldn’t be everyone’s cup of tea. They would make a great style companion on your casual wardrobe.